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Working with me

I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery for most part of my twenties (still going), but if there’s anything that has really stuck with me thus far, is that I’m very emotionally-driven. Both in my day-to-day life, and in my work. This sensitivity is what I pride myself on as an artist. Documenting raw, emotive and timeless love... it’s the stuff that fuels the fire in my soul. I’m the one with tears welling in my eyes during your Dad’s speech (despite hardly knowing him at all), the one with sore cheeks because I haven’t been able to stop smiling at your adorable grandparents holding hands and sitting front row at the ceremony, and the one bouncing around and (quietly) squealing with excitement because I’ve just witnessed the sweetest moment between the two of you, a moment that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Wedding photography has to be the most rewarding job on the planet, and when I’m there to capture one of the best days in your life, I consider it an absolute privilege.


Next steps

I’d like this to be an epic friendship, a grand adventure, and one heck of a good time – even after the wedding is over!

If you love what you see, the next step is to have a chat/catch up before booking. That way we can ensure we’re the best fit for one-another and on the same page.

My ultimate goal is to provide you with an experience you will whole-heartedly love, and images that will still take your breath away in decades to come.

We could honestly not be happier, and we can’t thank you enough. You have captured so many special memories (particularly with family) that we’ll treasure forever. I can’t wait to show EVERYONE!
Boy are we grateful and glad we changed our wedding date so we could have you as our photographer
— Kirsten and James