Tash and Deane - Middle Earth Winery

This gorgeous wee family completely stole my heart. In fact, I spent so much of this beautiful day in total awe of them. Tash and Deane, along with their two beautiful boys, celebrated their love story on the first day of rain we’d had in months - the end of what had been one of the worst droughts our region had seen…. if that isn’t a sign of good luck and fortune for this fab pair, I don’t know what is.

And ohhh goodness Tash was just the most stunning bride. Gracious, gentle and an absolute joy to be around all day long. Deane was rightfully lost for words the first moment he spotted her down the aisle, and it was magical to capture.

All in all, this was a day jam packed with incredible moments; kids having the time of their lives, first dances in the rain, fence hopping for photos, divine food/wine and friends, and most importantly, SO MUCH FREAKIN’ LOVE. I went home with cheeks that hurt from all the happy smiles and laughter.

My favourite moment: When T & D’s eldest wee boy ran all the way down the aisle to greet his mum in the wedding car - he hopped in, looked at her in absolute wonder and said ‘ wow you look sooooo beautiful mummy’ (ummmm heart melt!)

The magical vendors: One Day Bridal | Chaos and Harmony | Lucilla Gray | The Wilde Florist | GK Events | Asher Artistry | Middle Earth Wines | Nelson Celebrant

WeddingRenee Edwards